By the time you are ready to retire, downsize, and enjoy a simpler life, chances are you have accumulated a lot of stuff. Regardless of your reason for relocating, getting rid of the extra stuff can be a chore. Having lived 46 years in the same home, Stan and Elisabeth Alexander recently moved to a two-bedroom apartment in a nearby retirement community. They managed to downsize from over 2,000 square feet into a comfortable 900 square foot unit with a little help from professionals. “At our age, we are 84, and having lived on the same street for over 50 years, it would have been impossible to do on our own,” Elisabeth said. The Alexanders elected to hire professional move managers who worked with them every step of the way. They even helped them dispose of the remaining household items and get their home sold. “I would still be downsizing had I not gotten help. I thought I would do it piece by piece, an hour per evening over time,” Elisabeth said. “It was great to have somebody who knew how to go about it and who literally guided us through each step.” According to downsizing coach and Co-founder of Seniors Real Estate Institute, Dr. Nikki Buckelew, downsizing from a large residence, especially one that has been called home for several decades, can be a big undertaking. “Liquidating lifelong collections, extra furniture and other belongings is physically and emotionally tough for many downsizers. Those having done it, however, often tell us they have no regrets,” said Buckelew. “It can be a freeing experience.” ________________

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